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What is a DevOps engineer and what does a DevOps engineer do?

A DevOps engineer optimizes an organization’s software delivery process to enable collaboration and innovation. Keep reading to learn more about what DevOps engineers do and what skills they rely on.

IDC whitepaper: Benefits of a Modern, Secure DevOps Platform

In today's digital business era, rapid, reliable, and secure delivery of new applications and features is required for organizations to stay competitive

What is DevOps automation?

DevOps automation is a modern approach to software development that uses tools and processes to automate tasks and streamline workflows. It brings together developers, IT operations, and security teams to help them collaborate effectively and deliver reliable software. With DevOps automation, organizations are able to handle repetitive tasks, optimize processes, and deploy applications to production faster.

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GitHub Summerfest 2023

It’s that time of year again—GitHub Summerfest is back! Join us virtually for a jam-packed event with all the favorites you know and love: Demos from subject matter experts, opportunities for Q&A, swag and fun virtual games!

GitHub at Agile + DevOps West

Did you know that four million organizations look to GitHub as a platform for building secure software?

Accelerate Developer Productivity with GitHub and Azure

Join GitHub, Microsoft, and BoxBoat, an IBM Company, in Malvern, PA, for an in-person day of first-class developer productivity topics. We have brought together a great collection of experts from all 3 companies for learning, networking, and swag.

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Developer productivity and satisfaction: How generative AI is making a difference

Application Security 3.0

What is GitHub Actions?

Designed to empower Developers with access to the tools and features they need for streamlined collaboration.

Aicha Bah Gersing // Senior Director, Premium Support

Senior Director, Premium Support

Accelerate innovation with the platform developers love

At GitHub, you can build what’s next with the industry’s most complete developer platform. Grow your business by investing in end-to-end software delivery and advanced security capabilities that simplify how you ship software at scale.


Curate blazing fast developer environments and help your organization be more agile, secure, and efficient.

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Advanced Security

Ship secure applications with a community-driven, developer-first approach.

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Automate your software workflows with a powerful DevOps toolkit and built-in CI/CD.

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Safely publish and consume packages within your organization.

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