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How to use Geolocation, Geofencing and Beacon plugins in Ionic 4

Location features are essential in modern day apps
Oops !

1. Geolocation

Here I am !
  • Uber / Lyft — Cab booking
  • Google Maps (of course) — Map services
  • Swiggy / Zomato — Food delivery
  • Fitbit — Fitness app
  • Instagram / Facebook — For tagging photos
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-geolocationnpm install @ionic-native/geolocation
import { Geolocation } from '@ionic-native/geolocation/ngx';

constructor(private geolocation: Geolocation) {}
this.geolocation.getCurrentPosition().then((resp) => {
// resp.coords.latitude
// resp.coords.longitude
}).catch((error) => {
console.log('Error getting location', error);
let watch = this.geolocation.watchPosition();
watch.subscribe((data) => {
// data can be a set of coordinates, or an error (if an error occurred).
// data.coords.latitude
// data.coords.longitude
  • Find out the weather in your location using open weather API from http://openweathermap.org/
  • Locate yourself on map by using Google Map in your app, and setting a marker on your location
  • Find nearby restaurants by using Google Map API
  • See pictures of things around you using Flickr API
+ latitude + "&lon=" + longitude + "&format=json&jsoncallback=?

2. Geo-fence

Don’t leave that … geofence
  • Child location services, can notify parents if a child leaves a designated area.
  • Prison areas or highly sensitive government buildings can be Geofenced and every person entering / working in the area can be tracked
  • A quarantined area can be marked as hazard on map, and an app can alert you if you are about to enter that area
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-geofencenpm install @ionic-native/geofence
import { Geofence } from '@ionic-native/geofence/ngx';

constructor(private geofence: Geofence) {
// initialize the plugin
// resolved promise does not return a value
() => console.log('Geofence Plugin Ready'),
(err) => console.log(err)
private addGeofence() {
//options describing geofence
let fence = {
id: '69ca1b88-6fbe-4e80-a4d4-ff4d3748acdb', //any unique ID
latitude: 37.285951, //center of geofence radius
longitude: -121.936650,
radius: 100, //radius to edge of geofence in meters
transitionType: 3, //see 'Transition Types' below
notification: { //notification settings
id: 1, //any unique ID
title: 'You crossed a fence', //notification title
text: 'You just arrived to Bangalore city center.', //notification body
openAppOnClick: true //open app when notification is tapped

() => console.log('Geofence added'),
(err) => console.log('Geofence failed to add')
  • 1: Enter
  • 2: Leave
  • 3: Both

Javascript background execution

3. Estimote Beacons

Estimote beacons — you beauty
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-estimotenpm install @ionic-native/estimote-beacons
import { EstimoteBeacons } from '@ionic-native/estimote-beacons/ngx';

constructor(private eb: EstimoteBeacons) { }
// Request permission to use location on iOS
  • Monitoring: actions triggered on entering/exiting region’s range; works no matter whether the app is running, suspended, or killed (if the app’s not running when an enter/exit even comes, iOS will launch it into the background for a few seconds to handle the event)
Monitoring beacons
// Start ranging
() => console.log('received the request to monitoring'),
error => console.error('failed to begin monitoring: ', error)
// Stop ranging
  • Ranging: actions triggered based on proximity to a beacon; works only when the app is running(e.g., it’s displayed on screen, or running in the background in response to a monitoring event, etc.)
Ranging Beacons
// Start ranging
() => console.log('received the request to monitoring'),
error => console.error('failed to begin monitoring: ', error)
// Stop ranging

4. iBeacon

Use beacons for shopping related apps
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ibeaconnpm install @ionic-native/ibeacon
import { IBeacon } from '@ionic-native/ibeacon/ngx';

constructor(private ibeacon: IBeacon) { }
// Request permission to use location on iOS
// create a new delegate and register it with the native layer
let delegate = this.ibeacon.Delegate();

// Subscribe to some of the delegate's event handlers
data => console.log('didRangeBeaconsInRegion: ', data),
error => console.error()
data => console.log('didStartMonitoringForRegion: ', data),
error => console.error()
data => {
console.log('didEnterRegion: ', data);
let beaconRegion = this.ibeacon.BeaconRegion('deskBeacon','F7826DA6-ASDF-ASDF-8024-BC5B71E0893E');

() => console.log('Native layer received the request to monitoring'),
error => console.error('Native layer failed to begin monitoring: ', error)

5. NFC

Near-field communication can be used for payments
ionic cordova plugin add phonegap-nfcnpm install @ionic-native/nfc
import { NFC, Ndef } from '@ionic-native/nfc/ngx';

constructor(private nfc: NFC, private ndef: Ndef) { }
this.nfc.addNdefListener(() => {
console.log('successfully attached ndef listener');
}, (err) => {
console.log('error attaching ndef listener', err);
}).subscribe((event) => {
console.log('received ndef message. the tag contains: ', event.tag);
console.log('decoded tag id', this.nfc.bytesToHexString(event.tag.id));

let message = this.ndef.textRecord('Hello world');

6. Native Geocoder

Geocoding and reverse-geocoding — It’s all Math :|
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-nativegeocodernpm install @ionic-native/native-geocoder
import { NativeGeocoder, NativeGeocoderReverseResult, NativeGeocoderForwardResult, NativeGeocoderOptions } from '@ionic-native/native-geocoder/ngx';

constructor(private nativeGeocoder: NativeGeocoder) { }
let options: NativeGeocoderOptions = {
useLocale: true,
maxResults: 5

this.nativeGeocoder.reverseGeocode(52.5072095, 13.1452818, options)
.then((result: NativeGeocoderReverseResult[]) => console.log(JSON.stringify(result[0])))
.catch((error: any) => console.log(error));

this.nativeGeocoder.forwardGeocode('Berlin', options)
.then((coordinates: NativeGeocoderForwardResult[]) => console.log('The coordinates are latitude=' + coordinates[0].latitude + ' and longitude=' + coordinates[0].longitude))
.catch((error: any) => console.log(error));

7. Location Accuracy

In today’s world, location accuracy is paramount
Turn left at .. the .. what
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-request-location-accuracynpm install @ionic-native/location-accuracy
import { LocationAccuracy } from '@ionic-native/location-accuracy/ngx';

constructor(private locationAccuracy: LocationAccuracy) { }
this.locationAccuracy.canRequest().then((canRequest: boolean) => {

if(canRequest) {
// the accuracy option will be ignored by iOS
() => console.log('Request successful'),
error => console.log('Error requesting location permissions', error)








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