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Discussion on: Defining my path

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Tabintel Author

Hi Dennis, thanks so much for your insight!
The answer to the first question is "I love being able to write code and build". But I'm at that stage where I haven't really learnt it. What methods did you apply when learning?

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Dennis Tobar

Mmm.... everyone has different ways of learning and understanding abstract ideas (i.e., stacks, queues, etc.). I used the following ideas:

  1. Decide what to learn in X weeks (3 weeks seems fine to me).
  2. Choose primary and secondary mechanisms: videos on YouTube or online courses
  3. One day at a time: if I'm learning about algorithms, try to apply them in a project or real world.
  4. Summarize where is the reference (i.e., I've learned about OOP concepts, where is sawed the idea? write it in a paper or a Keep note, or whatever you want)
  5. Advance one idea, go back to the past: try to apply the past content in this lecture or video (i.e., I've learned about queues, how can I implement using arrays?)
  6. Be organized, you will see a lot of videos or have lectures from courses, but your taking note system will be your knowledge base...
  8. SERIOUSLY, DON'T TRY! it's better to understand the language or concepts instead of memorizing all functions in a language: you'll have a great language reference in the docs :)
  9. Don't try to learn all things! Seriously, others "don't try," but if you feel bad and don't understand all things about X, don't get down: it's better to understand a little -but relevant- a piece of information instead of many ideas without enough understanding.
  10. Keep going; learning is about you and how you'll use your new superpowers!

I'm currently learning English (isn't my mother language), and I'm trying to improve everyday to take new courses. One day at time :)

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Tabintel Author

Wow! This is very comprehensive, I would be applying these methods in my learning. Thank you.

I'm currently learning basics of frontend web development (HTML, CSS, JS), and in 3 weeks I should have a small project I've worked on.