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Adobe Alternatives

Adobe controlling it as a proprietary format until 2008, Adobe Reader has been the go-to PDF Reader on our computers. Other options for adobe are many nowadays.

  1. PDF X-Change Editor -

With the free version, you can not only insert or extract pages, but it also comes with a great little feature called OCR (optical character recognition) that allows you to scan any printed document and save the text as a PDF.
-Feature-packed free version
-Free version supports editing
-Supports Optical Image Recognition (OCR)

  1. STDU Viewer -

The program can also open a whole host of file types, like, DjVu, XPS, JBIG2, FB2, TXT, e-books (ePub and Mobi), comic book archives (CBR and CBZ), TCR, PalmDoc (PDB), AZW and DCX. As for images, STDU Viewer can open BMP, PCX, PNG, WMF, EMF and PSD alongside the two other formats mentioned above.

  • Modern user interface
  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Supports multiple languages
  1. Nitro PDF Viewer -

One of its unique features is a split-screen view that allows users to compare two different PDF files side-by-side. The program also comes with drag-and-drop support, allowing users to quickly create new PDF files by simply dragging any document on the Nitro desktop icon.
-The free version of the software is packed with features
-You can create PDF from scratch
-Split-screen view for viewing multiple documents

  1. SlimPDF Reader -

The program weighs in at just 1.4MB, making it, by far, the smallest actively-developed PDF viewer we know of right now.

Like Sumatra PDF, this one also has a minimalist interface and, works exactly as advertised for the most part. It doesn’t really offer too many bells and whistles, which is of course, understandable given its tiny footprint.
-Small and light-weight (1.4 MB)
-Minimal interface
-Fast to open PDF files

  1. PhantomPDF -

The program can convert multiple different file types to PDF and PDF to a whole host of different files including, MS Word documents. PhantomPDF supports as many as 41 different languages, and while that’s not as many as that of Adobe Acrobat, it’s still more than most of its other competitors.
-Packed with pro features
-Supports OCR
-Supports PDF encryption
-Supports multiple languages

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