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Gurpreet kait
Gurpreet kait

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Fastest Way To Make Money (For Programmers Only)

Hey Dude, Gurpreet this side again with some new stuff. You may don't know who is Gurpreet? But the stuff I'll share with you, you will always remember ☺.

Best way to earn money for developers
I am a freelance web developer just going to join in a company soon without having a degree in cs. again 😉, Well It was a little brief about me.

You are here because you want to make money and with money you also like doing code. Then why you don't use this combination to make something better and to contribute in something so that you can have your own identity. I know just saying and writing this kind of stuff doesn't mean anything. But as I have said in my twitter Post If Go to Product Hunt website then you will see how many people are building products there and If I am not wrong there are plenty of developers who are learning by building and getting visibility through there work.

But The Question Is "How To Make Quick Money As A Developer"?

Let's see today, What is difficult there and how we can do that. I am not a founder here but I read some books and have good knowledge about things like that. Because I am working on a Saas Product right know as Freelance Dev and also contributing in other areas of Product.

Come to the answer because usually I do talk about the answer rather than just counting the words in my article. I heard this somewhere "take risk otherwise you will have only regret".

What does it mean?

This simply means that you are a programmer and I am also. But in our network many programmers out there. Working for companies and providing services. Because this the simple and very secure way ever. And have you ever heard from any person that " I learned programming and now I'll build my own "App, Web App" that will be used by a lot of people. May It sounds like a extra hype that I am trying to build.
"But no, It's not".

First of all, Ways to earn as a programmer.

**1. Working In A Job

  1. Working as A Freelancer ( Small Business )
  2. Building Plugins
  3. Writing E-books
  4. Doing Blogs ** Listen, These are the ways that we might have seen in some other posts but the only way to earn money quickly is building your own software and It can be a social application or a particular B2B service provider. But this the only way you can control your time and the limit is nothing there. How much you can earn no limit, what you can provider not limit, how much you can charge per user no limit.

But on the other side there are limits,

  1. In freelancing you cannot earn maximum if you are working 12 hours.
  2. In Job you cannot earn millions, until it's Google or Facebook etc... So, The thing is to build your own. I am also building bro, Just get into the flow then may be not today but one day we would get least one successful product in the public.

Thanks for reading, Let's connect on Twitter and Do visit my website for same interesting content about software's and programming too.

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