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4 Steps to Better Jobs - It's not just technical ability.

Below are 4 important puzzle pieces to help you get hired faster, based on over a year of building a startup that helps job seekers land better jobs, even if they're pivoting from another industry.

But first: You're awesome, you're smart, and the right company will see that (but you might have to help them see it). All job seekers experience rejection, not just you. And you can learn things that reduce your rejection and increase your offers.

Applying is kiiind of like kissing a lot of frogs to find a partner or a friend. You'll get slimed a lot.


And now, based on hundreds of job-seekers going through our programs and sharing strategies in our TalentList community, here are the Top 4 actions that stack the odds in your favor to land a better job, pivot, or career upgrade, faster:

1. Dust up your career assets.

  • Give your resume and your LinkedIn profile a reboot. Search LinkedIn for other people holding the titles you want for verbiage inspiration.
  • Show Key Results instead of busy work in your job description bullet points.

2. Put out the bat signal.

  • Get your resume out there by listing yourself on sites like Elpha and Roadmap's TalentList (we match you to open jobs, hype you up to hiring leaders, and help you prep before interviews for free).

3. Practice interviewing.

  • You know you can do the job, but you have to literally practice articulating that in response to interview questions. - It's extremely common to feel nervous during interviews, fumble responses, and forget that you actually do know how to count to 5.
  • Practice makes perfect. You can practice with Roadmap in our free LIVE mock interview sessions. :-)

4. Mingle:

  • Network like your new job depends on it, because something like ~80% of job offers come from professional or personal referrals.
  • No network? No problem! You can build one. I had to too. Check our Roadmap resources to learn how to get started with a Networking blurb on sites like Dev (obvi), FB groups, Slack groups, Reddit, Twitter, or Discord, or even Roadmap's Slack community.
  • Put 15 minute coffee chats on your calendar with people who've made the moves you want to make, or are employed where you want to work, or are hiring for roles you want. If you make a great impression, these calls will lead to referrals which lead to interviews and offers.

*What other strategies have helped you? *

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